Dr. Sachin R Jeevanagi

MBBS, DNB (Gen. Medicine), Fellowship in Clinical Immunology & Rheumatology (CMC Vellore)

Trusted Doctor for Joint Pain, Arthritis and other Rheumatological conditions in the Kalyana Karnataka Region.

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Out-Patient Consultations for Arthritis, Joint-Pain and other Rheumatological Conditions. The Doctor makes sure that the consultations are comprehensive, patient-friendly and educative in local language. The patients are also counselled on pain management, different options available for the treatment, lifestyle modifications and mental health associated with Rheumatological conditions.


Rheumatology medicines & other medical products are available at best prices. The Pharmacy Timings are same as the Clinic Timings.

Phlebotomy (Blood-Tests)

Blood samples are collected at our clinic for any tests that may be required for a thorough diagnosis of your rheumatological condition. We also offer collection of blood samples from your home, if the patient requires the services due to any medical reasons. For more information, Contact Our Clinic.


Dr Sachin is really very genuine person.After a long term search finally got good doctor for my mother's treatment feeling relieved.Very experienced, humble and down to earth.

Manmohan Walia

Very active response, friendly speaking person, man with a calm personality and having great experience in rheumatology field. Thanks to Dr Sachin sir, reduced my sister's joint pains within a month, urge for peoples suffering in this field to have a treatment here and get maximum relief.

Sharuk Hussain

Dr. Sachin Sir is excellent. From last 8yrs i was going to Hyderabad for Rheumatology specialist. Now I'm very happy to see in Gulbarga. He took care of all of the details and he is always available to answer questions and help in any way. He cared about patient as if I was his only patient. It is lovely not to have the pain. My sis doing very well.

Syed M

Dr.Sachin Jeevanagi sir is one of the best Rheumatologist. we are lucky to have such doctor in Gulbarga. Taking treatment for my mother and considerably got improved.

Raghavendra B Narelvar

It was total lockdown, no transportation & we couldn't go to the clinic. But Dr. Sachin promptly responded to my WhatsApp msg; he even arranged for blood sample collection at our doorstep. Later, suggested changes in dosage of medications. It's really a boon to be attended by a specialist - rheumatologist especially for senior citizens like us. Heartfelt thanks to the Doctor & his staff.

Ravindra Paul

Accurate diagnosis and quick relief. I have been suffering from joints pain post vaccination. Thanks to Dr Sachin I am all back to normal life and even better than before.

Ashwin M

Very intelligent, friendly and helpful doctor. He is very calm, listens to your issues very patiently. He helped my parents a lot on overall health issues and guided them appropriately. Thank you Doctor

Anusha Kulkarni

I have been diagnosed with PsA which is a very troublesome disease, thanks to Dr Sachin who prescribed the best medicine that worked really well,. Earlier I was not able to turn my neck and back but now after his treatment I can do as if there is no pain, thank you sir and god bless you..

Sandeep Hanchate

My mother-in-law consulted Dr. Sachin for her joint pain after trying out many Doctors. Dr. Scahin treated her after narrowed down point-to-point examination, to be very precise just one test. Now she is doing very well and her joint pain reduced significantly. Thanks to Dr. Sachin

Sandeep Kulkarni

Not having a Rheumatology clinic around this region was a very worrysome. I felt very happy when I learnt that a Rheumatology clinic is started in our city. Dr.Sachin's rapport with patients is simply impeccable. Me and family is less worried after consulting Dr.Sachin.

Veena Pillai